Every step we build the scenery around us

In my artistic practice I talk about my life, I find my references in the environment around me and their experiences. That Iam sure every step we build the scenery around us and esta reflection is present in my daily life and my projects. In several of them I invite you to address esta concept in practice and travel way, but right now my mind reality continually builds new spaces.


Lucas was born in 2010 and in 2013 Olivia, with this new experience, my environment recovers a new value. The family has always had a great impact on my artistic development and all matters continually that generates inspire me. But it is with the birth of my children when i start to pay more attention to my woman's body, relationships, and feelings are new Situations That Reflected in my current projects. My memories in the present.


Basically my job was pictorial; informalista based on a painting That Moved from figuration to abstraction and back, until, in 2003 the work of the last two years is burned. From this point and by necessity I experience a great change.


I no longer on a single technical center, and leave aside all a way of working very visceral and spontaneous, give Greater Importance to design parts and the conceptual development of the projects. In the new paint jobs moving Toward it included new parameters to avoid repeating the pieces Were lost. Over time I have reconciled again With the purely pictorial languages ​​continued exploring new media and techniques. The support structure and principle as speech project.


My current research That Arises from visual experiences go beyond the traditional view of "box-image" Considering the number of them That surround us daily and economy of perception in today's society. 

Lucas dancing_2